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Vegan Special Set


Now you can have your milk tea and apply it too! 😍 This Vegan Special Set combines three products from Dr. Ceuracle’s best-selling Vegan Kombucha line to reap all the antioxidant benefits of Kombucha as an essence, gel cream, and lip balm! Bing bing skin, here we come! ✨

1 x Vegan Kombucha Tea Essence (150 ml)

Milk tea essence, anyone? Now you can buy your milk tea and apply it too! 🤩Don’t get too distracted by this delicious looking essence because it’s got amazing hydrating and skin nourishing properties! It uses kombucha from green tea to deliver potent nutrients to help your skin’s barrier stay strong and healthy, while sunflower seed oil softens and nourishes the skin to trap all that goodness inside! Best of all, this essence is 100% vegan and hypoallergenic!

1 x Vegan Kombucha Gel Cream (75g)

Milk tea pudding for bouncy skin? Yesss! If dehydrated and dull skin has you feeling down, this gel cream’s got all the hydration you need to bring your complexion back to life! With 58.9% green tea leaf water, green tea leaf extract, kombucha, kombu algae, and omija fruit extract, this vegan cream will be all you need to look and feel your best anytime!

1 x Vegan Kombucha Lip Balm (3.7g)

Nourish your lips with probiotics using this beautiful vegan lip balm! This delicate lip balm relieves dry and flaky skin by intensely moisturizing and strengthening your skin barrier without stickiness or glossiness. 😘 Feel free to apply it as often as you like - your lips deserve quality care! ✨

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