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The Qi Floral Tasting Collection


The Qi's organic Royal Chrysanthemum Tea has a delicate fragrance and a mildly sweet, herbal flavor with finishing notes of honey. This non-caffeinated herbal tea not only cools your body, but also detoxifies your blood and kidney to flush out any toxins from within.

The Shangri-La Rose Tea has a subtle rosy flavor with slightly tangy, fruity notes and a delicate fragrance. These make a beautiful drink which also helps bring out that inner glow to your skin and better sleep.

The Blue Lotus Tea is refreshing and bold with notes of anise and an earthy aroma. Blue Lotus tastes less floral compared to Chrysanthemum and Rose while still leaving your tastebuds with rich, fruity, root vegetable notes. It's also known as the Ancient Egyptian Dream Flower for deep relaxation and stress relief.

Each flower is good for 2 more refills of hot water in a 6-7oz cup. The petals of are edible and you can even use it in ice cubes for the perfect addition to any drink.

The brand - the Qi- is inspired by ancient Eastern holistic healing wisdoms and believes that inner + outer beauty are inextricably connected, which is so relatable with us here at Beauty Within!


Packets: 1 of Each Flower = 3 Flowers

Box: 3 of Each Flower = 9 Flowers

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