Pure 100% Cotton Rounds


If your usual cotton pads aren’t giving you joy because they’re harsh, rough, or fall apart easily, these Pure 100% Cotton Rounds are perfect! These soft cotton pads use high quality 100% cotton that don’t rip or contain any additives that can potentially lead to irritation – perfect for sensitive skin! They’re also made with the Water Jet Method to ensure an even surface area when you saturate the pad with your toner and apply to your skin. And for the pièce de résistance, each side has two wavy patterns that can gently exfoliate and deliver deep hydration back to your skin.

Contains: 1 bag / 80 pieces

How to Use

Use these soft cotton pads for applying your exfoliating toners, removing stubborn makeup, creating makeshift toner sheet masks, or using anytime you need a touch-up!


100% Cotton**

** This product is made of 100% cotton and may contain brown spots due to the material’s natural properties

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