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With so many unexpected events happening this year, the least we can do is to give ourselves peace of mind. If you’re concerned with overexposure to yellow dust, fine dust particles, and other airborne particles, this FDA-approved KF94 mask might be an option for you. This mask has a four-layer structure to help filter out more than 94% of particle sizes averaging 0.4 μm (micrometers), while the nylon strings and the nose wire helps the mask stay secure and protected. 

Note: According to mask standards, the KF94 shares similar traits to the N95 mask, with 1% difference in filtration. 

Disclaimer: This product recommends that pregnant women, people with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, children, the elderly, and etc., should stop wearing masks if there are issues with breathing, and consult a professional if necessary.

Manufacturer: Kukje Pharma Co,. Ltd.

Quantity: 3 Masks per Packet

Made in Korea


Nonwoven fabric (outer layer, middle layer, filter, inner layer), Polypropylene classing wire (nose wire), Polyurethane/Nylon (strings)

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