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Dried Honeysuckle


If you grew up surrounded by gardens or flower shrubs, you probably remember smelling the distinct but alluring floral scent or tasting the delicate sweet nectar from the flowers. Ahh...childhood. But for those who haven’t gotten a chance to experience this, not to worry! Besides the taste, this small flower has extensive uses in medicine across many ancient civilizations around the world! According to Native American, European, and Asian cultures, honeysuckle is known as a herb to clear poisons from snake bites, calm inflammation, help with wound healing and sore throats, act as antibacterials, and even help women during childbirth! 

  • Taste: Aromatic, delicately floral & sweet

More on honeysuckle and recipe in our video:DISCLAIMER: If you are taking any medications, have food sensitivities, allergies, medical conditions or are pregnant, we encourage you to use your personal judgement and/or consult with a medical professional before use. 

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