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Hi, Hydration Kit (Ro’s Curated Routine)


Here’s a skincare routine specially designed and curated with YOU in mind! ✨

Flaky, dry, and dehydrated skin - meet your match! 💦 This curated routine incorporates Ro's hand-picked products filled to the brim with hydrating and nourishing ingredients to quench even the most desert-like skin! This three-step routine includes a hydrating toner, a nourishing double serum, and an oh-so-comforting moisturizer to lock in all the hydrating goodness throughout your skin's layers. This set also includes six bonus sheet masks for extra nourishment and reusable bamboo cosmetic rounds for quickly applying your toner step! 

💖 Our value routine sets have limited quantities and are available for a limited time, so be sure to grab them before they’re gone for good! 

This set includes full sizes of the following products:

Toner: Dr. Wu Hyalucomplex Intense Hydrating Essence Toner Light 

Serum: Neogen Probiotics Double Action Serum

Moisturizer: Pure’Am Authentic Barrier Cream Balm

Sheet Mask: Neogen Dermalogy Probiotics Relief Mask (5 sheets)

Sheet Mask: 107 Beauty Avocado Cuddle Sheet Mask (1 sheet)

Bonus Item: Organic Bamboo Reusable Cosmetic Rounds

**The cleanser and sunscreen steps are not included in this set. You can check out our cleanser collection here and our sunscreen collection here

How to Use: 

New to skincare? No problem! Here are some basic routine suggestions:

AM: Cleanser -> toner -> serum -> moisturizer -> sunscreen

PM: Cleanser -> toner -> serum -> moisturizer

For the self-care nightsCleanser -> toner-> sheet mask-> moisturizer (optional)


  • For your cleanser step, we recommend using a cream or hydrating gel cleanser filled with hydrating and nourishing ingredients to cleanse your skin free of impurities without further stripping dehydrated and dry skin. Check out our cleanser collection here!
  • If you haven’t already, consider incorporating a sunscreen step! Check out our sunscreen collection here

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