Pure’am Best Sellers Trial Kit


Want to give your skin the gift of calm and *whoosa* before committing to full price? This Pure’AM Bestsellers Duo includes skin nourishing toner and cream to help sensitized skin a chance to breathe without breaking the bank!

1 x pH Balancing Toner (20ml/0.67 fl.oz)

A beautiful lightweight, milky toner that soothes, protects, and deeply hydrates the skin. This pH Balance Calming Toner is the perfect go-to for anyone looking to deeply replenish the hydration levels on their skin, whilst calming signs of irritation and inflammation.

1 x Authentic Barrier Cream Balm (30ml/1 fl.oz)

Ready for you and your skin to breathe a sigh of relief? This creamy, buttery cream is a comforting blanket formulated with all the right building blocks for healthy skin. Whether you're experiencing irritation, a compromised skin barrier, extra dryness, or sensitivities and flare-ups, you can trust this cream will come to your rescue, no matter what skin type you are! 

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